e-ISSN: 2630-5836
Founded: 2018
Publisher: Şuayyip Doğuş DEMİRCİ
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Bulletin of Accounting and Finance Reviews (BAFR) is a nationally recognized journal which accepts theoretical and practical work in the field of accounting and finance.

in BAFR; It is issued in the form of two issuesper year, in April and October. The first issue of the journal published in April 2018..

Bulletin of Accounting and Finance Reviews (BAFR)  is an Open Access journal. The journal is an Open Access journal and provides immediate open access to its contents. The Journal aims to promote the development of global Open Access to scientific information and research.The Journal does not charge any fees for article submission or article processing. 

BAFR; It is issued as 2 issues per year, in April and October. Our first issue was published in April 2018.


               Assoc. Prof. Dr. Feyyaz ZEREN                                                       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şuayyip Doğuş DEMİRCİ

2023 - Volume: 6 Issue: 1

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