Journal of Mukaddime is a double blind peer-reviewed journal which is published every year in May and November by Mardin Artuklu University. The journal is available in online. The journal was published firstly in 2010. 

In the Mukaddime, the original works are given place which handle socio-cultural developments lived in historical process in the geography of Middle-east. With its published qualified academic contents, it aims to be one of the leading publishing items in evaluating regional developments.

In the journal, a publication policy is followed with original studies that aim to contribute to social science in the highest level focusing on a religious, philosophical, historical and socio-cultural context on the Middle East Region. Priority is given to the publication of studies that are taking original ideas into consideration and handling issues in an analytical perspective in the related areas.

In addition to this, the Journal of Mukaddime is open to all new comments, approaches and analysis of other social sciences that are connected to history, religion and sociology of the Middle East Region. In the journal, besides theoretical and analytical studies, book reviews/critiques, research notes and evaluating writings about conferences are also included. Thus, it has been aimed to be the pioneer for production of new ideas that are the reflection of the effects of mentioned views and approaches. 

In the journal APA ( 6th edition) source and reference system is used. Articles that are written in Turkish, English, Kurdish, Arabic and Persian languages are accepted. The Journal of Mukaddime is open accessed and authors and readers are not charged. Mukaddime follows the open access policy of Budapeste Open Access Initiative Please see the details 




In Mukaddime; A publication policy that prioritizes contributing to science at the highest level with original studies focusing on the philosophical, historical and socio-cultural context is followed on the Greater Middle East Region. The publication of the studies in the relevant fields, which are handled with an analytical perspective and in which original ideas are presented, are prioritized. However, the magazine; It is also open to new interpretations, approaches and analyzes developed in all other fields of social sciences in connection with history, philosophy and sociology of the region. In addition to theoretical and analytical studies, the journal includes book presentation / criticism, research notes and review articles on scientific meetings. Thus, it is aimed to lead the generation of new ideas as a reflection of the effects of these views and approaches.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal must have not been published before or be at the evaluation stage in another scientific publication. The race, gender, religious view, ethnic origin, and political orientation of the author / authors are not taken into consideration. All incoming articles are subjected to pre-evaluation according to scientific criteria by the Editorial Board before being sent to the referees. Studies that do not pass the pre-evaluation stage are returned to their authors. Studies that pass the pre-evaluation stage are sent to two referees who are experts in the subject for evaluation, using the " double blind review" method. Each referee is asked to fill in the evaluation form regarding the study or to prepare a separate report if deemed necessary. In case of disagreement between two referees, a third referee's opinion is sought. Referee reports are notified to the author (s) provided that the names of the referees are kept confidential. If one or both of the referees state that "can be published after corrections", the article is sent to the author for the necessary corrections. The article is published if a positive report is received from at least two referees. After the correction is made, it is evaluated by the referee and the Editorial Board whether the referees' warnings have been taken into account.