• ·   Journal of Aksaray University Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Mutefekkir is a scientific, academic and peer-reviewed journal on religious studies. It is published twice a year.

  • ·   The abbreviation of the journal should be referred as Mutefekkir in all languages.

  • ·   Besides authentic and translated articles by scholars contributing whether from Turkey or abroad, Mutefekkir contains letter to the editor, summary, book review, introductions of symposiums and conferences on religious studies. Within the journal, open to all the scholars working on these fields, the editorial board decides on the publishing of the materials out of these fields.

  • ·   All the manuscripts sent to the journal are published following the approval of the editorial board.

  • ·   Manuscripts should be in accordance with the scientific research and publication ethics valid nationally and internationally.

  • ·   Scientific, legal and linguistic responsibilities of the published articles belong to the author.

  • ·   Publication language of the journal is Turkish; however, editorial board decides on the publication of the manuscripts in other languages. The manuscripts which haven’t been published in the journal are not sent back to the author.
  • ·   The authors whose manuscripts are published in Mutefekkir are considered to have accepted that the copyright belongs to Mutefekkir.

Aksaray Üniversitesi İslami İlimler Fakültesi dergisi Mütefekkir, her yılın 15 Haziran ve 15 Aralık tarihlerinde olmak üzere basılı ve online olarak yayınlanan, uluslararası akademik ve hakemli bir dergidir.