ISSN: 2564-6109
Founded: 2016
Publisher: Kocaeli University
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Mimarlik ve Yasam (MY) is an international peer-reviewed journal affiliated with Kocaeli University Faculty of Architecture and Design. It is published three times a year, in April, August, and December. The publication language of the journal is Turkish and English. It welcomes unique studies from researchers under the main headings of Design, Architectural History-Theory-Criticism, Building Technologies, Construction Production, Building Physics, Architectural Heritage and Preservation, Structural Engineering, Project Management and Construction Management, Architecture, Urban Planning and Urban Studies, Architecture-Technology, and Interior Architecture.

General Guidelines

*Mimarlik ve Yasam publishes scientific articles that fall into the category of original research and are written in either Turkish or English. These articles should display novel qualities, such as introducing new knowledge, presenting a new method, or adding a new dimension to existing knowledge.

*The journal employs a double-blind peer review process, where both national and international referees evaluate submitted articles. The final decision rests with the editorial board.

*We do not charge any fees for article submission or editing.

*Except for special issues, more than one article by the same author will not be published in the same issue. If more than one article by the same author is accepted, the author can choose which article will be published in a later issue by skipping one issue.

*Original research articles written in English have priority for publication

*Articles must be prepared following internationally recognized scientific ethical standards.

*Articles should be prepared according to the journal's writing format.

*Articles not complying with publication principles  and writing format will not undergo peer review.

*All submissions undergo a citation check (iThenticate) before being sent to referees. Articles with a similarity rate above 20% will be rejected.

*If the article format is deemed suitable, two referees are invited to review. Articles that receive a rejection from at least one referee are returned to the author. If revised articles still fail to meet the referee's standards and are consequently rejected, they will be returned to the author

*Articles may be rejected by the editorial board due to excessive writing errors or noncompliance with scientific standards, independent of the referees' opinions.

*Authors are required to upload the copyright transfer form either at the time of submission or after acceptance. Once an article is accepted for publication, its copyright is transferred to the journal. Failure to upload the required form will result in the article not being published.

*The opinions expressed in published articles do not reflect the views of the journal, and all responsibility lies with the article's author.

*Submitted articles must be unpublished and not under consideration by any other journal. The authors will be responsible for resolving any disputes that may arise in this matter.

Creative Commons

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