ISSN: 2564-6109
Founded: 2016
Period: Tri-annual
Publisher: Kocaeli University
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Architecture and Life (AL) is an international peer-reviewed journal belonging to Faculty of Architecture and Design of Kocaeli University. The journal is published in Turkish and English twice a year in June and December. Architecture and Life Journal is open to original research from the main titles such as Architectural Design, Architecture History – Theory - Critique, Architectural Restoration, Building Technologies, Building Production, Building Physics, Project Management, Interior Architecture, Urban Planning and Urban Studies, and it is also open to research from social sciences  on architecture, urban and space. In addition, the book presentation and criticism, technical note, editorial letter and case presentation are included in the journal.

The journal is an international peer-reviewed journal published twice a year aims to publish special issues in current topics during the year.

2022 - Volume: 7 Issue: 2

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