TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM provides online hosting services and an editorial workflow management system for academic journals published in Turkey via JournalPark platform.

Address dergipark.gov.tr



  • to improve the quality and aid the development of academic publishing in Turkey in accordance with international standards,

  • to enhance the visibility and usage of national academic journals worldwide,

  • to ensure the implementation of the ULAKBİM Journal Management System efficiently.


Participation in JournalPark

Peer-reviewed academic journals published in Turkey can participate in JournalPark by filling out the Application Form in JournalPark website.

New journals may start publication in JournalPark, using the infrastructure provided, filling out the same application form.

A Journal Website is created for each journal making an application in the system. Then a username and password is given to the Journal Manager and/or Editor. After this point, the management of the journal is up to the journal manager.

If the journal has an archive, JournalPark transfers it to the journal’s new webpage. JournalPark also provides technical support to help with the problems that may be encountered while using the system.

Technical aspects and responsibilities such as the security, updating, development, and backup of the system is taken care of by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM.

Although every journal published in JournalPark has a separate domain name and outlook, all journals use the same infrastructure. Still, each journal can design its webpage in its own style, to suit its own needs.

Journal managers can monitor all the steps of the publishing process, starting from the submission of manuscripts to final publication, from their office through the Internet, using the JournalPark system.

Services offered by JournalPark are free of charge.

A “Participation Contract” is signed between JournalPark and every journal joining JournalPark in order to protect mutual rights.

Important Information: JournalPark is not an indexing system such as ULAKBİM Databases or DOAJ and shouldn’t be confused with Turkish Journals Index. JournalPark solely provides an infrastructure to achieve compliance with international standards of academic publishing, which is considered as an important criterion for a journal’s inclusion in national and international indexes.



JournalPark Project started in September 2013.

The technical infrastructure of JournalPark is planned to form a base for the National Citation Index.

The number of journals included which was 100 when the Project started, increased to

461 in 2014,

824 in 2015,

1.200 in 2016,

1.600 in 2017,

2.054 in November 2018

The total number of academic journals has been estimated to be around 2,300. JournalPark aims to expand to cover all the journals published in Turkey.


ULAKBİM Journal Systems (UJS)

JournalPark has started offering service using Open Journal Systems (OJS) infrastructure initially. However, as the number of journals and users has increased in time, OJS has become inefficient. A new system compatible with new technologies has been developed, also taking user demands into consideration. This new system, ULAKBİM Journal Systems (UJS), enabling easier handling and faster workflow, has been put into service as of 2017.


JournalPark DOI Service

Articles in journals included in JournalPark which meet the conditions below are assigned DOIs* (Digital Object Identifiers) free of charge. As of March 2017, the number of journals getting DOI service is 344. The journals in JournalPark have to meet at least one of the requirements below, in order to be eligible for DOI service:

  1. The journal should be indexed in TR Index, WoS, or SCOPUS,

  2. The journal should manage all the publishing process, starting from the submission of manuscripts to final publication, within the JournalPark system.

The journals in JournalPark have to sign the Representative Membership Contract with CrossRef and send it to ULAKBİM to get DOI service. They are also responsible to fulfil the requirements of this Contract.

According to the agreement between ULAKBİM and CrossRef, the journals acknowledge and undertake that the articles the articles to get DOIs are original and are not published elsewhere. In the contrary case, the editor of journal and the author of the article take the responsibility.

A journal which does not carry out its editorial process within JournalPark system can only get DOI service if it publishes all its issues regularly on JournalPark platform and is indexed in TR Index.

New journals must have published at least two issues in order to get DOI service.

*A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (the International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet. The publisher assigns a DOI when your article is published and made available electronically.


For all your comments and recommendations on JournalPark, please contact us using the link dergipark@ulakbim.gov.tr

Mail to: dergiparkdestek@tubitak.gov.tr for technical support.