Advanced Search Tips

How does advanced search work?

  • If you want to search for a word group, you can search it in quotes (“”).

        diabetes mellitus

heavy metal pollution
         “Paul WILLIAMS”

  • If you want to search for an article, by publication year;

            title:mimari AND pubyear:2016

  • The AND (in capital letters) word lists articles in which both word/phrases are common in the same field.

        Women AND “Political Institutions”

“tourism development” AND economy

  • The OR (in capital letters) word lists the results of any of the two words/phrases.

“high school student” (class OR personality) (If you do not include parentheses, lists the results containing the word “high school student class” or “personality”.)

  • You can use “+, -” to increase or decrease the search results.

Chemistry  +education -teachers

  • If you can’t remember how it was written of the word you are looking for, you can add star (*) to the word. When the star is added the system will return results that will complement the searched word.

            Nucl* Energy Sources

            latit*  (The results will be latite, latitude, latitudinal)

  • If you want the search on article titles you can use the word “title:”.

            title: “Allergic Symptoms”

    title: “Optimum Bucking Method”

  • If you want to filter by searching the author name in the search results, you can add the word “author:” to your search.


            title:Innovations AND author:Elena

  • For searching by ISSN number and DOI number, you can search directly by typing.




  • If you want to search by institution of the author, add “institution:” tag.

    institution: Marmara
    institution: "Middle East Technical University"

  • Other Search Methods:

abstract: “Effect of Vitamin E on ...”

keywords: “Flexible working”

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