Aim & Scope

The scope of the “Sakarya University Journal of Science” comprises original research on all aspects of natural science, engineering and architecture. Original research results and scientific reviews in various fields of science and technology are considered for publication. The publication language of the journal is English. The review articles expect that scientific, technological, and current developments in a particular subject are reflected using a comprehensive bibliography, and a satisfactory evaluation is made. Manuscripts previously published in another journal are not accepted.

The research topics or fields covered by Sakarya University Journal of Science are listed below (Topics generally include but are not limited to): Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Agricultural Engineering and Food Engineering.

Period Months
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Sakarya University Journal of Science (SAUJS)