Aim & Scope

The Journal for Turkish-German Legal Studies is a semi-annual, academic, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles in Turkish, German and, in exceptional cases, other languages.

The Journal for Turkish-German Legal Studies aims to be a forum of information and legal analysis for scholars and lawyers, ZtdR emphasizes studies on issues and developments in Turkish and German law and especially in legal relations between the two countries.

Articles may include mainly academic studies or reports. The journal will focus especially on case studies (notes on judgments) as well as on newly published scientific works (reviews). It is also envisaged to include issues related to legal education and the promotion of young scholars. At the same time, the aim is to include articles that are of interest to current and legal practice.

The Journal for Turkish-German Legal Studies deals with publications that expand the legal theory of scholars, researchers and practitioners in jurisprudence and other related fields; arouse interest in legal practice and improve the theoretical basis of legal practice; examine the issues and developments of Turkish and German law and, in particular, legal relations between two countries; include current and, where appropriate, comparative analyses with other fields. The Journal includes academic studies such as articles, case studies, translations, book reviews in Turkish, German and other foreign languages.

Period Months
June December