Publication Guidelines

1. Turkish-German University Law Faculty Journal (TAÜHFD) is published in two issues per year (June, December) after conducting a peer review process for the manuscripts. In addition, full texts are published in PDF format at

2. The submitted works must not have been submitted to other journals or be published elsewhere before.

3. The language of publication is Turkish and German; exceptionally English texts will also be accepted.

4. The journal shall include articles and translations relating to the fields of public law or private law. In addition, decision and book reviews, legislative assessments, symposium notices and informative notes may be published in the journal. The acceptance or rejection of these works is decided by the editorial board of the journal.

5. The author must provide the first and last name, a postal address, a telephone number and e-mail address.

6. The submitted essays will be reviewed by the editorial board and essays that meet the policies of the journal will be sent in anonymous to two reviewers. In case of dissent, the essay will be sent to a third reviewer. At least two reviewers must propose acceptance for the paper to be published. If, after editorial review, it is determined that the essay does not meet the publication policies, it will be returned for revision.

7. In the case of translations, the original text and the consent of the right holder should be sent. In addition, translator must give appropriate credit to the original text (the name of the work in which the original text was published, authors, place of printing, year of printing, volume, number and pages). Translations are subject to the same evaluation as essays.

8. For our copyright, repository and open access policies please refer to our journal policies section.

9. The works to be published in Turkish-German University Law Faculty Journal shall be sent to the e-mail address or in the software format "Microsoft Word" (.doc, .docx).

10. The articles to be published in the Journal for Turkish-German Legal Studies will be uploaded to plagiarism programs and the similarity reports of the articles will be obtained via In similarity reports, direct references cited in accordance with the rules of academic writing and bibliography are not taken into account in the preparation of the similarity report. Articles with a similarity report above 25% will not be evaluated.

11. The liability for the content of the texts submitted for publication in the journal lies with the authors.

12. All expenses of the journal are covered by the Turkish-German University. The publication of articles in the journal and the management of the article evaluation processes are not subject to any fee. No processing fee or submission fee is charged for articles submitted to the journal or accepted for publication.