ISSN: 1302-5856
e-ISSN: 1308-9773
Founded: 1943
Publisher: Turkish Geographical Society
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Turkish Geographical Review has started to announce the scientific studies of Turkish Geographers to the world of science since 1943. The journal was published until 1976 intermittent and sometimes continuously, after this date for a period of 18 years have not been published. Turkish Geographical Review again returned to broadcasting in 1992. It has transformed to a peer-reviewed journal since 1999 and has started to publish twice a year. Turkish Geographical Society has decided to publish Turkish Geographical Review as electronic journal since 2009. Broadcasting periods are June and December.



2022 - Issue: 81

Research Article

Burdur Gölü’nde uzun dönemli kıyı çizgisi değişimleri ve iklim ilişkisi: zamansal-mekânsal eğilimler ve tahminler

Sosyal Medya