Turkish Journal of Fashion, Design and Management (TJFDM); is an international refeered journal that has been published since 2019 and includes scientific studies in the field of interdisciplinary and social sciences. TJFDM is an open access journal and it is published online three times each year. The journal can be accessed via the system of Dergipark. The title of the journal should be cited as "Ege U., TJFDM, Faculty of Fashion and Design". 

You can write your opinions about our journal to "ege.tjfdm@gmail.com" e-mail address.

Our correspondance address is: Ege University, Faculty of Fashion and Design, Faculty of Medicine Campus, 35040 Bornova, Izmir-Turkey

Turkish Journal of Fashion Design and Management (TJFDM) Dergisi, Ege Üniversitesi Moda ve Tasarım Yüksekokulu tarafından yayınlanmaktadır.