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International Peer-Reviewed Turkish Journal of Fashion Design and Management  (TJFDM)

(TJFDM); is an international peer-reviewed journal in the field of social sciences that has been indexed in relevant databases since its first publication in 2019. Turkish Journal of Fashion Design and Management (TJFDM) accepts papers of review studies and original research papers written in academic language which can contribute to the context of the existing literature academically and vocationally.

TJFDM is an open access journal and it is published online three times each year (February, June and October). The journal can be accessed via the system of Dergipark.

TJFDM’s leading editor and board chairman is Prof. Dr. Ziynet Öndoğan.

The journal’s publication language is English and Turkish. Accepted papers are given a DOI number to allow them to be cited and tracked. Each submitted paper is reviewed by three experts in the relevant field and and published if it is deemed to be suitable for publication. The same author(s) is not entitled to publish multiple publications in related issues of our journal. Additionally, if the journal reaches to a sufficient number of papers for the publication in a specific issue, the accepted papers may be scheduled for the upcoming issues. The journal does not require a copyright transfer agreement; the uploaded papers are automatically transferred to the journal where it is assumed that the authors of the papers approve this procedure and confirm not to violate the policies of the journal by being included in the system.

The arbitration and scientific boards of the journal consists of expert academicians and researchers who have a minimum degree of PhD or proficiency in art. The board of the journal forms the highest level of decision and execution mechanism and without a board decision, no action can be taken or processed. The first step of the reviewing process is the preliminary consideration of the submitted papers by the journal editors. After that the process continues with the peer-reviewing of the approved papers by the experts in the corresponding field. The approval of the board is needed for the participation of the scientists who want to take part in the advisory board.

Our journal also publishes special issues for the conference papers which have been peer-reviewed by three experts in the relevant field and approved by the scientific board of the corresponding conference. Journal’s special issues are only applicable for the papers that have been presented in the national or international conferences which we have a publication agreement. The studies which have not been peer-reviewed yet cannot be published in the special issues. It is also mandatory that the presented studies in these conferences should also submit their written material and peer-reviewing acceptance to the board of our journal. The information about the procedure is given to the authors via the internet address of the journal. The members of the system can also follow the updates individually from our web page after they login to the system. The requirements and circumstances of our journal are identical for all the authors. The studies to be submitted to our journal should definitely be from the disciplines accepted by our journal to be published. Studies submitted out of these disciplines are not involved in the evaluation process. Editors oversee the peer-review process from start to finish.  In this case, no sanction can be applied on our journal by the authors. The uploaded studies in the journal can be unilaterally rejected upon the decision of editor-in-chief or field editor where necessary. Related author(s) is informed about the reason of this case. In such cases, author(s) does not have any right to re-claim on our journal. All the authority rests solely with journal editors or the journal’s editorial board.

TJFDM acts in accordance with the Law and Provisions on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered "5846" in the framework of Turkish Republic rules of law. About the author(s) who do not fulfill the requirements of this law, TJFDM has the right to unilaterally protect its legal rights. The author or authors are unilaterally responsible for issues such as quotations, plagiarism, etc. in their studies submitted for publication. The author or authors must act in accordance with scientific and academic ethics rules. Citation must be absolutely stated or the resources used must exist under the summary in the papers prepared by using Doctoral, Master’s thesis and Dissertation. The name of the real owner of the relevant paper must be stated in thesis and dissertation. The name of the person as the real owner of thesis “publication” must be in the first place within the framework of codes of conduct.

Our journal is a free journal. Therefore, no fee is charged from the authors for their published papers. The accepted papers are uploaded to the system after they are prepared according to the format of the journal and the author guidelines. The authors or readers can register to the studies online from our system. It is mandatory for the authors to prepare their papers according to the author guidelines.

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