Turkish Journal of Remote Sensing publishes innovations in Remote Sensing parallel with the developments in science and technology and indexed in international databases.
Turkish Journal of Remote Sensing: Basic Remote Sensing Applications, RADAR/SAR/LIDAR, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Image classification and analysis methods, Improvement of atmospheric modeling for radiometric correction, Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS methods, Information contribution to reduce disaster effects, Early warning system, Monitoring, Risk reduce studies, Environmental pollution: Assessment and effect studies, Integration of earth surface applications and remote sensing data, Sustainable agricultural production, Multi-dimensional monitoring of the growth of agricultural products to protect agriculture, Climate change studies, Desertification and drought studies, water quality studies are published in this journal.

This journal will be published biannually, June and December. This is an Open Access Journal.
This journal will be published in English or Turkish.
This journal does not charge any article submission and processing fees

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