Review Process

The author(s) of the present study and the article accept(s) the ethical responsibilities that fit the PUBLICATION ETHICS. Each author is responsible for the content of his or her article. Articles submitted for publication are checked by the Turnitin (Professional Plagiarism Prevention) program. If an article contains plagiarism or self-plagiarism in more than 25% of the manuscript, it will be returned to the author for appropriate citation and correction.

• Submission of the same manuscript to different journals will not be accepted.
• Submissions with contents outside the scope of the Turkish Journal of Remote Sensing will not be considered for review.
• Submissions will have a double-blind peer review.
• All papers are expected to have original content. They should not have been previously published or under review.
• The journal requires a minimum of two independent referees. All submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review.
• Publication decisions are made by the journal's Editor-in-Chief on the basis of the referees' reports.
• Submitted papers and referee reports are archived whether they are published or not and are not returned.
• Authors who want to discontinue the publication process after submission to the Turkish Journal of Remote Sensing have to apply to the editorial board in written correspondence.
• Authors are responsible for the writing quality of his or her papers.
• The final version of the manuscript will be checked by the language editor.
• The reviewer evaluation period of the article is approximately two months.
• The Turkish Journal of Remote Sensing is free of charge and will not pay any copyright fee to authors.
• A signed Copyright Assignment Form must be submitted with any paper.

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