ISSN: 2149-4363
e-ISSN: 2687-6256
Founded: 2015
Publisher: Yildiz Technical University
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YILDIZ SOCIAL SCIENCE REVIEW (YSSR) has been published since 2015 in order to encourage scientific research and provide platform to academicians, professionals, and students from all over the world for advancement, dissemination and interaction of knowledge in economics, business and political science. YSSR is an open access journal.

YSSR is biannually published on Autumn (November) and Spring (May).

2023 - Volume: 8 Issue: 2

Research Article

3. Yerel Yönetimlerin Salgınla Mücadelesi: İzmir Karabağlar İlçesi Örneği*

Research Article

5. A Review on Agile Leadership and Digital Transformation