Author Guidelines

Principles of Writing an Article

1. The following principles are directed for all kinds of written documents sent to our journal, including research articles, translations, books, articles and scientific meeting evaluations, and doctoral thesis abstracts.

2. Scripts must be sent as a Ms. Word file without an author's name.

3. Copyright and translation articles must be uploaded to the system with abstracts in Turkish, English and Arabic.

4. In the copyright and translation articles, INTRODUCTION part must succeed abstract on a new page. Also, the tag of the article, formed by the journal, must be attached by the author while sending.

5. A template tag should be attached to article evaluations, book evaluations, scientific meeting evaluations, and doctoral dissertation summaries before being uploaded to the system.

6. Below the title of an article, the name, surname, institution, field of study and e-mail address of the author must be given.

7. REFERENCES (with UPPERCASE letters) must be added to the end of scripts. This section must be started on a new page.

8. Format: Text must be written in Palatino Linotype font, 10 points (titles in Bold) and Auto-Unnumbered. Also, the entire text must be spaced by 1,2 lines, before and after 6 pt. and aligned on both sides.

9. Paragraph entry should be indented 0,75 cm from the left.

10. Footnotes should be single-spaced, 8-point, before and after 0 pt. and aligned on both sides.

11. The texts posted by mail must be printed on A4 paper, 2,5 cm margin must be left from top and left; 2 cm margin from bottom and right.

12. Header and footer’s size must be 1.1 cm.

13. Paper properties in Page Setup must be defined as follows: width 17.6 cm and height 25 cm.

14. Referencing systems used in our journal are like the following:

    14.1. Footnote referencing system is (The Isnad Citation Style). 

    14.2. In-text referencing system is (The Isnad Citation Style). 

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