e-ISSN: 2667-5927
Başlangıç: 2019
Yayıncı: Fatih DEYNELİ
Kapak Resmi

BİLTÜRK, The Journal of Economics and Related Studies is a peer-reviewed international journal that analyzes problems in all areas of the economy and related fields of economy. The Journal focuses on the publication of both theoretical and empirical publications in the field of economics and related studies.

The articles in the Journal are published 4 times a year; January,  April, July, & October. 

Manuscript submissions for the October  2023 Issue of BİLTÜRK are open. You can submit your manuscript to the system. 

The journal accepts Turkish or English language manuscripts. Articles submitted to the journal for publication are evaluated by national and/or international reviewers. The final decision is made by the editors. 

This journal uses a double-blind review process.  

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