Cilt: 2010 - Sayı: 2, 1.02.2010

Yıl: 2010


1. Kalın Barsak Lipomu: Altı Olgunun Klinikopatolojik Değerlendirilmesi

2. The Effect of Nicotine Treatment on Propofol Injection Pain

3. Diagnosis and Long-term Follow-up of Patients with Fibrous Dysplasia of the Chest Wall

5. The Effect of Regular Training with Vitamin E Supplementation on the Thioredoxine System in Rats

7. Iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome Due to Topical Steroid Administration in an Infant

8. Gebelikle İlişkili Bir Aplastik Anemi Olgusu

10. Akut Pulmoner Embolili Hastada Ters McConnell Bulgusu

11. Paraneoplastik Limbik Ensefalit: Olgu Sunumu

12. İzole İnguinal Mesane Hernisi

15. The Effects of Gabapentin Therapy on Pruritus, Quality of Life, Depression and Sleep Quality in Pruritic Hemodialysis Patients

17. Reliability of the Turkish Version of a New Coma Scale: FOUR Score

19. The relationship between the inflammatory markers and arterial distensibility in patients with sarcoidosis

20. Türkiye'nin Üç Büyük Kentinde Taksi Şoförlerine Yönelik Gasp Amaçlı Cinayetler, 1996-2006

21. Medico-Legal Autopsy Results of Preschool Childhood Deaths

22. Anaplasmosis Seropositivity in People Exposured to Tick Bite

23. Trace Elements in a Rat Model of Cadmium Toxicity: the Effects of Taurine, Melatonin and N-Acetylcysteine