Regardless of any field, the people who search and produce, keep time on their hands.  When it comes to the rest of them, they are used to waiting consent to their consumer identities. At the same time, it shows that who is searching and producing  lives as s/he wishes and is directing the other ones' lives. We can say that the developed countries are the ones who are working, searching, observing, interrogating and evaluating.

On the other hand, the fast development of communication tools and dwindling of these tools have made reaching documents and information easier.  While this situation has decreased the time on supply demand balance, also it has increased crowds by providing access to a wider audience. So that mass communication has strenghtened and made functional the interaction between individuals and crowds. Day by day, people are addicted to be littled technological devices and trying to solve their problems with them.

The improvement of production economics of civilisations has also provided systematic. So working functional beyond only working and using time well beyond only filling time have  come up that seperation of matter into smaller parts has become vital  about classification, description of matter and designating its functions.

Social science is a field that the exact information is always discussing on. Then, every person has achieved the enlarging of definition of human. If so, existance at these fields is a value on its own.  However, the knowledge of literature and reaching the correct methodology with purpose-content and limitedness drive people who is conscious forward on these fields.

Turkish civilisation within living civilisations, is one of the most important contributor to accumulation of human. In the accumulation that contains principal qualities such as politeness, humbleness, cleanness and limpidness, there is so much thing that is obtained by both world and geography of region. Even it has sometimes lived through unproductive periods when there is an adaption between country and constitution it is obvious that earning success that cause all of the people's eyebrows to raise is so easy for Turkish nation. It is being thought that being more self sacrificing, self disciplined and keener is necessary  especially on social science for this adaption.

Self enclosed societies can not improve besides that closeness is unimaginable for the nations, that are open to improvement, highflyer, not unconcerned about any movement like Turkey. Watching all of the movements, firstly the cultures that have had added value from the beginning, is should be counted as a task for Turkish scientists.

Hars Academy magazine has preferred  the letter Eb / B of Gokturk alphabet that can also mean the words which have important functions for turkish civilisation such as home/ nomad group/ homeland/ country/ world, as a logo. The aim here is showing that Turkish society, that has never taken steps backwards from entegration with the world, always live with their general values.

With accepting the values of Turkish culture as a substructure, Hars Academy magazine aims supporting the studies on culture, art and architecture at up country and abroad.

We wish Hars Academy magazine contribute for Turkish culture and request the supports from writer, reader and referee.

                                                                                                Hars Academy Editor

                                                                                               Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hatem TÜRK