ISSN: 2564-7024
e-ISSN: 2587-2613
Başlangıç: 1960
Yayımcı: TMMOB Maden Mühendisleri Odası
Kapak Resmi

Scientific Mining Journal, which is published in open access electronic environment and in printed, is a periodical scientific journal of the Chamber of Mining Engineers of Turkey ( The Journal, published four times a year, aims to disseminate original scientific studies which are conducted according to the scientific norms and publication ethics at national and international scale, to scientists, mining engineers, the public; and thus to share scientific knowledge with society. The journal is in English.

The journal covers theoretical, experimental, and applied research articles, which reflects the findings and results of an original research in the field of mining engineering; review articles, which assess, evaluates, and interprets the findings of a comprehensive review of sufficient number of scientific articles and summarize them at present information and technology level; technical notes, which may be defined as a short article that describes a novel methodology or technique; a case studies, which are based on the theoretical or real professional practice and involves systematic data collection and analysis.

Submitted manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial board and expert referees independently in accordance with the best practices in academic publishing. The publishing rights of the manuscripts, approved for publication at the end of the evaluation process, are transferred to the Chamber of Mining Engineers by the authors.