Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ethics Policy

· Editors should:

o hold the following responsibilities that are based on the guidelines "COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors" and "COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors" published as open Access by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

· Authors should:

o submit original manuscripts that have not published before or not submitted to anywhere else for publication.

o indicate just the authors who contributed to the manuscript at the intellectual level.

o should be ready for supply extra documents such as raw data, consent forms and permission forms.

o just submit their submission to one journal at a time.

· Reviewers should:

o agree to review only in their subject of expertise in an unbiased and confidential manner.

o review the manuscript constructively and kindly, avoiding insulting.

o review the content of a manuscript objectively without considering issues such as gender, religion, and politics.