Aim & Scope

The essential aim of Journal of Bartın University Faculty of Islamic Sciences is to bring qualified and original studies in the field of theology to the attention of academic circles and to support the production and distribution of academic knowledge. In this context, it is aimed to evaluate the existing knowledge in the field of theology, to specify and improve it when necessary, and to produce new and original ideas. It aims to contribute to the production of qualified academic knowledge, to share the knowledge produced and to make it easily and equally accessible to all segments of society.

Journal of Bartın University Faculty of Islamic Sciences provides place for all formats of academic information produced in accordance with the publishing principles it has adopted and declared. In this context, different types of writing such as research article, case report, review, translation and book review are also evaluated. In the Journal of Bartın University Faculty of Islamic Sciences, articles in Turkish, English, Arabic and French related to the fields of Basic Islamic Sciences, Philosophy and Religious Sciences and Islamic History and Arts are evaluated.

Period Months
June December

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