Bartın University Journal of Educational Research (BUJER) (e-ISSN 2618-5768) is a peer-reviewed, free, electronic and international journal that publishes research articles, essays / reviews and translations that contribute to the field of education in terms of theoretical and practical aspect. BUJER is published twice a year (December and June). The readership of the magazine consists of academicians, graduate students, education administrators, school administrators, family unions, education faculty employees, school staff and all individuals interested in education.

The journal covers a wide range of topics from pre-school education to adult education (special education, vocational education, educational programs, educational management, policy and planning, research methods in education, language education, mathematics education, science education). , religious education, music education, lifelong learning etc.) original manuscripts are published.

Research articles designed as qualitative, quantitative and / or mixed designs, theoretical / conceptual studies, review articles about published studies, book reviews, reviews and translation articles are welcomed to publish in BUJER.

Bartın University Journal of Educational Research started its publication life, scientific articles can be submitted on http://dergipark.gov.tr/bujer webpage.

Bartın University Journal of Educational Research