Principles of Publication

·     Cihannuma: Journal of History and Geography Studies, published by Izmir Katip Celebi University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal published in July and December.

·     The short name of the journal is Cihannuma.

·     Cihannuma publishes within the framework of principles of blind review, independence, and free of bias.

·     Although Cihannuma accepts all sorts of works pertaining to humanities and social sciences, priority is given to works in fields of history, geography, and historical geography.

·     Submitted manuscripts can be original research based articles, document evaluation and publication, compilation and translation (to be approved by the authors), citation, evaluation, and book review.

·     The journal does not charge a publication and evaluation fee to authors.

·     It is essential that the submitted articles have not been published previously in another journal, have not been submitted for publication, or have not been rejected previously.

·     Scientific and ethical responsibilities of the articles belong to authors and copyrights belong to Cihannuma. Authors are responsible for the content of articles and for the accuracy of sources. Authors should send the approval document (Publication Rights Transfer Form), indicating that the publishing rights have been transferred, with their manuscripts. With the signing of this document by all authors, authors have ensured that the work they submit has not been published in another journal and / or is not under consideration for publication, and they have declared their scientific contributions and responsibilities.

·     The views in all articles published in the journal belong to their authors and do not reflect the official view of Izmir Katip Celebi University.

·     The publication language of the journal is Turkish. However, manuscripts written in German, English, and French are also accepted.

·     In Turkish manuscripts, the current Turkish dictionary and Writing Guide of the Association of Turkish Language should be used as basic reference books.

·     Persons and institutions providing all kinds of assistance and support for researches should be declared on footnote in the first page of article.

·     Royalty payment is not given to authors publishing their work in our journal. One printed journal is sent to author as copyright.