Author Guidelines

Text Format

Please check the manuscript submission template for text formatting, tables and figures. For references and citations, author(s) should follow current APA style guide.


The text of the manuscript is limited to 8000 words including the abstract and references.

Title Page

Title page should include:

A short and meaningful title must be included to summarize purpose of the study, the variables in the study, and the participants.
Name(s) of the authors.
The affiliation(s) and the address(es) of the author(s).
The e-mail address, phone, and fax numbers of corresponding author.
A concise and informative abstract that reflects the purpose of the study. Please provide an informative an abstract with maximum 300 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined acronym or abbreviation.

Please provide 3-4 keywords for indexing purposes.


Depending on the language of the study, a comprehensive English summary of 1000 words (if the language is Turkish) or Turkish (if the language is English) should be provided.

Main text and headings

Please prepare the main text and headings based on the formatting provided in the submission template.

Tables and Figures

Please prepare the manuscript based on the formatting provided in the submission template