The Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Process of the articles submitted to the journal is as follows:

1-  The submitted articles are evaluated by the editor and / or members of the editorial board in terms of purpose, scope, method and writing principles (at the same time with plagiarism software).  Two referees are appointed by journal editors to evaluate the paper just after the pre-check phase.

2- Accepted papers which are appropriate to the principals of publication and writing rules, are sent to two judges, recognized by their work and research area, without specifying the author's name.

3- In general, there is a time for the referee to accept the refereeing duty within a period of 15 days. The referee who accepts the duty will be given 30 days to evaluate the paper. Besides this general case, uploading the paper to the system would expedite the process of evaluating.

4- When two referees report that the paper is “Not Appropriate for Publishing”, the article is not published in the journal.

5- If one of the referees has a positive opinion about the publication of the while the other referee has a negative opinion, the article will be sent to the third referee; The publication’s sequel depends on the third referee’s report.

6- Whether the papers are published or not, they are non-returnable. The authors are required to consider the criticism and recommendations of the referees regarding the article they submit if they are asked to correct it.

7- The author is responsible for delivering the corrected text within the specified time. The revised text may be reviewed again by the referees in case of need. Neither referees’ nor authors’ identities are shared with each other (Blind Review). Referee reports are archived to be kept.