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Founded: 1975
Period: Monthly
Publisher: Ataturk University
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Journal of Ilahiyat Researches will evaluate the new submitted articles at from the January 3, 2022.

journal of ilahiyat researches (ilted) is a refereed journal which is published twice in a year. It aims to contribute to accumulation of knowledge in the fields of theology and social sciences by publishing the studies that have the scientific qualifications both in national and international levels.

In the journal, the original articles together with book critique (review) articles in the fields of theTheology (Sciences of Religion and Islamic Studies) are published in Turkish, Arabic and English languages.

In the research article, original and unique articles focusing on the classical and modern problems of the field, working at the analytical level in the theoretical or practical aspect or searching for answers to the current / actual problems of the field will be given priority. In book presentations, it will be included in the form of book critique (review) rather than simple presentation.

English articles submitted to the journal will be evaluated first. Two articles determined by the editorial board in each issue will be translated into English and published by obtaining the approval of the authors.

2022 - Issue: 57

Research Article

5. The Main Principles of Living Together in al-Fārābī’s Virtuous State

Research Article

7. Human Rights of Minorities in Islam: From the Perspective of Iraq

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