Policy - Publication Frequency of Periodicals

The Journal of Metaverse (JMV) publishes two regular issues a year. The first regular issue is published in the January–June period. The Second regular issue is published in the July–December period. The issues may contain between five to ten articles. Accepted articles are immediately added to the relevant issue, and page numbers and DOI assignments are made. The number of published articles in an issue may be increased by the decision of the editorial board if the demand is high. A decision is taken one year in advance and announced on the page, taking into account and carrying out the legal actions required for this transaction.

JMV can publish special issues. With the recommendation of the chief editor or associate editors of our journal and the approval of the editorial board, a special issue can be published in a specific field or on a thematic subject. The number of special issues to be published in a year cannot be more than half of the number of regular issues. The publication policies and evaluation processes are strictly followed for all special and regular issues.

The journal is also open to cooperation with technical committees, institutions, and/or individuals in the associated field. Special issue publication requests are evaluated by our editorial board and decided upon. Individual requests are decided by taking into account the international recognition of the scientist and her or his prestige and reputation in the relevant field. These special issues may have their own editors and editorial boards. Special issue editors and editorial board members must have at least a PhD degree in the relevant field. Special calls for these issues are announced six to twelve months in advance.

At least 5 of the articles submitted for the special issue must be accepted for publication on time. If a sufficient number of articles cannot be accepted for the special issue or there are not enough applications, the issue can be cancelled by the decision of the established editorial board of the journal or the articles in this issue can be accepted for publication in an appropriate regular issue. The authority to decide on these and similar situations rests with the resident editorial board and editor of the journal.

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