Notes for Book Review

1. Book reviews should be written by a single author.

2. The title of the book reviews may be a different title from the title of the reviewed book.

3. In book review, the name-surname, institution, e-mail address and ORCID ID number of the author who made the evaluation should be under the title of the article.

4. The credential of the evaluated book should be given below the author information.

5. Book reviews are not only descriptive articles but also critical ones. Therefore, the reviewed book is expected to be critical in all aspects.

6. Book reviews should be between 1000-3000 words.

7. Book reviews can be in Turkish or English.

8. Journal of Selcuk Communication general article writing rules are also valid for book reviews.

9. Book reviews should be prepared in accordance with the Book Review Writing Template Book reviews that are not prepared in accordance with the template will not be evaluated.