Guide for Authors

Article Template

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Author Rights

Opting out some of the authors from the assessment process

Author/Authors can appeal or recommend reviewers in case of the conflict of interest or for ethical reasons.

Article Withdrawal

Author/Authors can withdraw their articles during the peer-review process.

Objecting Reviewers’ or Editorial Boards’ comments

Author/Authors has/have the right to object on the reviewer’s or Editorial Board’s evaluations during the whole evaluation process. If there is an objection, author/authors are required to provide their causes and reasoning. Editorial Board can re-initiate the evaluation process if necessary.


Author/Authors can request erratum for the material or factual errors at the first published issue.

Evaluation Process

The candidate article is forwarded to the Editor after preliminary examination by the secretariat. 

The editor examines the candidate article in terms of (1) journal publication policy, (2) publication principles, (3) spelling rules and (4) originality of the candidate article. As a result of this examination, the candidate article found suitable is sent to the relevant field editors. Ineligible candidate articles are returned to their authors with justification.

The Field Editor examines the candidate article in terms of its suitability and originality to the field and forwards it to at least 2 referees from outside the author's institution. The works whose referee process is completed are finalized by the Field Editor by taking the referee feedback into consideration. (Accept- Major Correction-Minor Correction-Decline).

This decision is sent to the author(s) together with its reasons. However, the final decision regarding the publication of the candidate article is made by the Editorial Board.

Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive

Ethical rules to be followed for studies submitted to the journal:

Ethics committee approval should be obtained for experimental studies on humans and animals that require an ethics committee decision.

This approval document (name of the board, date and issue number) should be included in the method section and the first / last page of the article. Information should be given that the informed consent form is signed in qualitative research and case studies that require data collection in direct communication with people such as interviews and observations.

Within the scope of TR Index 2020 rules, an affirmation stating that all the rules in the "Higher Education Institutions Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive" are complied with and that none of the actions in the second part of the directive "Actions Against Scientific Research and Publication Ethics" were carried out should be added to the end of the article. In order for the studies to be evaluated, this information should be added to the candidate article before applying.

The writing rules include the use of punctuation and abbreviations, table creation, heading style, citation style, and many elements that are part of each article draft in a single format. Authors must comply with the editorial rules set by the publisher in order to avoid inconsistencies between their own work and the other articles in the journal. The manuscripts to be sent to the journal should be written using the template on our website without any formatting (standard A4 sheet size and single column). While uploading to the system during the first application, full text in Turkish, Similarity report and Transfer Copyright Agreement Form must be uploaded. For accepted manuscripts, full text in Turkish, full text in English, proofreading document, similarity report and Transfer Copyright Agreement Form must be uploaded. The article template should be downloaded from our journal website and the manuscript should be prepared on this template.
References, table(s) and figure(s) should be prepared according to APA 7 criteria, the examples of which are presented in the template.

References should be written in Palatino Linotype, 10 font, justified, body text, hanging, indentation: 1.25 cm, before / after 3pt, 1.5 line spacing.

APA 7 criteria should be adopted while preparing table(s) and figure(s) and MS Word 2007 and further versions should be used.

Table title should be written Palatino Linotype, italic, 10 pt, before / after 3 pt.

Figure title should be written Palatino Linotype, 10 pt, centered, 3 pt before / after.

The candidate article to be sent to the journal must be uploaded anonymously and in accordance with the KEFAD/JKEF article template. The full texts to be uploaded should not include any information about the name and any information of the author.

The English version of the candidate article must be proofreaded and the proofreading document must be uploaded to the system.

In order for candidate article to be processed for evaluation, it must have an originality report taken from any academic plagiarism prevention program (e.g: Ithenticate).

Each author whose name is included in the candidate article must create a profile at and save their information in the system, and write their 16-digit ORCID ID number in the form of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX in the space reserved in the template.

The candidate article must be uploaded to the system using the "Submit Article" shortcut on

The Turkish title of the candidate article should be Centered, bold 14 pt, Palatino Linotype, 6 pt before / after, only first letters should be uppercase, and the English title should be written first after 14 pt.

Abstract should be written as Palatino Linotype, 8 pt, justified, 1 line spacing, 3nk before / after.

The body text of the candidate article should be justified, in Palatino Linotype font, 10 pt, 1.5 spacing before / after 6nk.

Title order in the candidate article should be as;

First Level Heading (Palatino Linotype, bold, 10 pt, centered, 6 pt before / after)

Second Level Heading (Palatino Linotype, bold, 10 point, 1.25 cm inside, 6nk before / after)

Third level heading (Palatino Linotype, bold, 10 pt, 6 pt before / after). Text continues next to the title ...

Fourth Level Heading (Palatino Linotype, italic, bold, 10 pt, 6pt before / after). Text continues next to the title…)

Fifth Level Heading (Palatino Linotype, bold, 10 pt, 6 pt before / after). Text continues next to the title ...

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