Aim & Scope

Motif Academy Journal of Folklore aims to share the current scientific knowledge of contemporary cultural sciences, especially folklore, with objective criteria. Original, innovative, concept-developing and ethical studies are supported by a publication and scientific committee made up of expert scientists and by impartial/transparent evaluation processes. The journal is committed to multidisciplinary approaches and seeks to promote international approaches and discussions. It deals with all forms of both material and expressionist culture and participates in contemporary theoretical discussions. The journal, which was published twice a year, semi-annually from 2008 to 2018, started to be published quarterly as of its 21st issue in 2018.

The journal includes scientific studies in the fields of cultural anthropology, ethnology, sociology, ethnomusicology, traditional arts, folk dances, the relationship between folklore and literature, the relationship between folklore and cultural history, which are important branches of cultural sciences, especially folklore. We especially welcome contributions in areas such as material culture studies, performance studies, narrative, online communities, urban culture, belief, ways of life, folk art and related aesthetics, traditions, crafts, traditional costume and occupational culture. Priority is given to original and critical studies that include current debates in transnational and local contexts.