Peer Review Process


* All transactions in the journal's publication process are done at
* In the articles sent to the journal, firstly, the compliance of the article with the publication rules is examined. Articles that comply with the rules of publication are primarily evaluated by the editor. The articles that pass the editor's preliminary evaluation are directed to two referees who are experts in their fields. Authors are contacted in accordance with the reports of the referees in the articles that received the printable report from both referees and requested correction.
* The authors are asked to send the article again by making the corrections requested by the referees. The referee reports, which cannot be published, will be notified to the article owner. Reports that are positive from one of the referees and negative from the other are directed to a third referee. The publication is decided based on the opinions of the third referee.
* The referees are asked to evaluate the articles within 15 days. With the expiration of the 15-day period, a reminder message is sent, which gives an additional period of 7 (seven) days. At the end of this period, another referee is appointed instead of the referee who did not respond to the evaluation.
* Blind referee system is applied in the journal. Writer, institution etc. in the articles sent to the referees. such information is not included. in this way unbiased reviews of the referees are provided.

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