Price Policy

Articles submitted to the journal system upon request for publication are included in the referee evaluation process after the conformity review to be conducted by the Editorial Board. The authors of the articles that are decided to be included in the referee evaluation process are informed about the process. The authors are requested to transfer the process operation fee to the Motif Foundation account with this information in order to pay (400 TL/50 $/40 €) the expertise fee to the referees who will take part in the evaluation process and to cover the printing, printing and postage expenses of the journal. Following the feedback of the article holders, the articles are included in the referee evaluation process. According to the evaluation results of the referees, the process operation fee is returned to the authors of the articles which are not deemed appropriate to be published with 30% deduction. No fee is charged except for the specified process. (Decision by Editorial Board, dated 10.02.2019).

Article Publication Charge: 400.00 TL