Editorial Principles

  1. Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Journal of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences is a journal that published in the field of original articles, reviews and short notes in basic and applied sciences.
  2. The journal is published twice a year.
  3. The journal is open to the work of scientists from every institution and every nation.
  4. If necessary, the journal may publish a special issue under any topic.
  5. Work submitted to the journal should not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication. The name, location and date of the congress should be indicated in any symposium or paper submitted at the congress. Any notices published in the symposium or congress and published in any form can not be submitted for publication in the magazine. The name of the supporting organization and the project number should be given in studies supported by a research institution or fund.
  6. Written language of articles; preferably in Turkish or English. In all articles it is necessary to write a summary in Turkish and English.
  7. Candidate articles submitted for the journal publication are firstly pre-evaluated by the editors regarding the form, spelling language, the relevance and accuracy of the statistics used. Articles that do not have the searched features are returned to their authors. Appropriate articles are sent by the editor as two judges anonymously. Positive opinion must be provided by the referees in order for the articles to be published in the magazine. The Editor and Magazine Editorial Board decides whether the articles should be accepted for publication by considering the referee reports. If the amendments proposed by the referees are not accepted by the author, the editor and editorial board of the magazine is authorized to apply for another trial or to publish the manuscript.
  8. All changes in the articles are done by the authors. Authors can not make any changes on the articles given in the final form and prepared for publication. A writer who for whatever reason abandons the publication of the article, may withdraw the article within a maximum of fifteen days from the date of his application.
  9. Only the editor and editorial board provide communication between authors and referees. If articles are accepted for publication, The Journal of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University  has all publishing rights.
  10. The articles will not be returned if they are published or unpublished.
  11. All legal responsibilities related to the content of the articles to be published in the magazine and the legal responsibilities that may arise regarding the copyright belong to the authors.
  12. Submitted articles will be published in accordance with the editorial principles and guide for author(s).
  13. Mehmet Akif Ersoy University and the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences have not carried out the responsibility for the conclusions or ideas reached in the publications of the journal.
  14. The University and the Institute do not have a commitment and no claim to the correctness, integrity, suitability and availability of the information, instruments, products or functions proposed in this publication; for this reason, they can not be held responsible for any reason.
  15. No part of this publication may be published, published, or reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of Mehmet Akif Ersoy the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.
  16. Copyright is not paid for published articles.

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