Publication Guidelines

Since 2016, MECMUA has started publishing as "International Refereed Magazine". Spring and Fall are published at least twice a year. It can also be published as a special issue. The publication of a special number covering a specific topic is decided by the absolute majority of the Publication Board.

Articles sent to the journal should not have been published elsewhere, or have not been sent for publication. Submission of the manuscript to Mecmua is accepted as an application for publication. If the articles are accepted for publication, Mecmua will have all publishing rights and no royalties will be paid for the articles. In case of quoting from published articles, it is obligatory to specify the source. The right to republish all of the published material is subject to the permission of the magazine. Submission of the manuscript to Mecmua is accepted as an application for publication. Any legal responsibility arising from the writings belongs to the authors. Mecmua reserves the right to make corrections to the submitted articles and to publish or not to publish the articles. In our magazine, academic studies, compilations, translations and introductory texts etc. prepared in social areas. workshops.

Although the language of the broadcast Turkey Turkish Journal, where necessary and appropriate, other Turkish dialects and English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Persian writings can be given to the ground. Previously published and summarized work presented at national / international congresses or symposia can be submitted with these qualifications. Information such as author name, title, e-mail address should not be listed under the title of the texts uploaded to the system. This information will be added by the editor after the review process has been completed.

Manuscripts are checked by the editor (s) for compliance with the rules of publication before they arrive at the editorial board; an incomplete and / or incorrect designation shall be returned with a preliminary evaluation form to be corrected. Three arbitrators shall be appointed by the editorial board for the areas in which the manuscript is included in the manuscript for the manuscripts that are corrected by the author and sent back or written in accordance with the rules. In line with the report from the referees; it is decided that the manuscript should be received, not received or corrected. This situation is reported to the author as soon as possible. If corrections are requested from the register, the corrections must be made within 20 days at the latest. The revised text may be reviewed again by the referees who request the amendment if deemed necessary. The manuscripts received in the publication file are published according to the order determined by the Editorial Board.