Ethical Principles and Publication Policy


Anatolian Journal of Agriculture Sciences (ANAJAS) is an electronic international journal committed to providing a platform where the highest standards of publication ethics are the major aspect of the editorial and peer-review process.

The Editorial Process for a manuscript to the Black Sea Journal of Agriculture consists of a review, blind and peer-reviewed, followed by a section of the editor's decision to accept or decline the submission. If accepted in the review stage of the Editorial Process, the submission goes through the editing stage which consists of copyediting, layout, and proofreading. The manuscript is then scheduled for publication in an issue of the Black Sea Journal of Agriculture.

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement of the Black Sea Journal of Agriculture are mainly based on the guidelines and recommendations published by recommendations for the conduct, reporting, editing of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and Council of Science Editors (CSE) policy statements.

The relevant duties and expectations of all parties involved in the publishing process including editors, reviewers, authors, and others are required to adhere to the publication ethics guidelines and malpractice statements defined below. All articles based on animal studies must submit an Ethics committee approval document.

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