Guide for Peer Review System


1. How can I upload the revised manuscript as an author? - quick tour to author panel

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2. How can I submit my manuscript as an author?

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3. How can I submit my review as a reviewer?

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We renewed our peer review system at DergiPark. The peer review system will change completely and will be opened to you with its renewed interface and usage on July 22.The data on the old peer review system will be transferred to the new system by our technical team

There is no dialogue structure in the new system. Messages in the dialogues will be on "messages" tab in the new system.
In the new peer review system; You will be able to follow the manuscripts on specified status and the manuscript will be on one person. Status of the manuscript will be as follows ; new submission, with secretary, with editor, with author, in review and publishing.

You can view the brief tutorial about the new peer review system here;

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