e-ISSN: 2687-1882
Founded: 2019
Publisher: Habip DEMİR
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Turkish Journal of Shiite Studies aims to publish studies reflecting a scientific and academic perspective on Shiʿism, one of the most important schools of Islamic thought, and all issues related to it.
Our journal is an international peer-reviewed academic journal published electronically twice a year, on 30 JUNE and 31 DECEMBER.
In this context, our journal publishes original and translated articles, research notes, symposium/book/thesis evaluations, critical editions, simplifications, and other works from all fields of social sciences such as History of Islamic Sects, Theology, Tafsir, Hadith, Law, History, Political Science, Economics, International Relations, etc. related to Ithnāʿashariyya (Twelver Shīʿīsm), Zaydism, Ismāʿīlīsm and other Shīʿīte sects.