ISSN: 2587-2621
Founded: 2017
Publisher: Mehmet Ali KARAMAN
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                                  The Journal of Strategic and Social Research

                                                                        ISSN: 2587-2621

The Journal of Strategic and Social Research is an international academic e-journal established for the purpose of making academic publications in branches of science such as Geography, Literature, Educational Sciences, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Communication, Business, Political Science, Art History, Sociology, Sports Science, History, Theology and International Relations and evaluating the cultural accumulation in this field.

The journal includes publications on every subject that is the field of Social Sciences, especially the above mentioned branches of science. It is aimed to publish original articles in which the subjects of the mentioned areas are discussed, determinations and analyzes related to cultural life are made and these are put forward within the framework of academic discipline. The Journal of Strategic and Social Research is a peer-reviewed journal and is published electronically in quarterly periods (March-July-November).

If necessary, the journal may issue special issues.

All rights of the articles submitted to the journal belong to the Journal of Strategic and Social Research

2023 - Volume: 7 Issue: 3

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