Aim & Scope

tarihyazımı is an international, academic, peer-reviewed, and online journal publishing research, review, critics, and translation articles.

Tarihyazımı publishes articles including the subjects below:

1. Review/academic essays regarding principles and issues related to the research and writing process which is brought by Modern Historiography.
2. Studies evaluating the historiography of each sciences from past to contemporary (law historiography, science historiography, sociology historiography etc.) and the trace (historiography) of the discipline of History discipline both in local and international context.
3. Analyses including the discussions and issues in the methodology of history and historiography, also the studies of the prominent historians
4. Local studies which are found significant both locally and internationally in the field of historiography.
5. Studies focusing on the interdisciplinary or auxiliary methodologies of the discipline of history
6. Compilations or original and theorical studies written on the philosophy of history, sociology of history, psychology of history etc.
7. Copyrighted or translated studies which enrich the discipline of history in the world or bring new perspectives.
8. Original studies which break new grounds in terms of the methodology of history by applying a historical theory or adapting a new method to historical sources successfully.
9. Critics on the book, article, conference paper, report, or studies in line with the concept of the journal.
10. Important international articles translated into Turkish which give information about the history studies in diverse countries.

Period Months
June December
Last Update Time: 3/18/24, 2:17:19 PM

Ethical Committee Approval

With the decision of ULAKBİM on February 25th, 2020, there is a condition that "All the disciplines of science (including social sciences), there should be an Ethical Committee Approval for research involving human and animal (clinical and experimental) separately and this approval must be mentioned in the article and it should be documented". The research conducted by quantitative or qualitative approaches which require data collection such as questionnaire, interview, observation, focus group study, the experiment is regarded under the aforementioned content.