Evaluation Process

Submissions to tarihyazımı are initially assessed by the editor-in-chief in terms of convenience to the journal concept. Afterward, the applicant's article is checked for plagiarism. The reports generated by the plagiarism system (iThenticate) are evaluated by the editor-in-chief or authorized field editor.

The submissions passing from the plagiarism survey are taken to pre-assessment for form, written language, the convenience of information, and veracity. The studies which do not match the required features are returned.

Suitable articles are anonymously sent to two (sometimes three) reviewers by the editor. The reviewers can be selected from the pool of reviewers or they can be chosen among the members of the Editorial Board. The editor can commence the additional evaluation process by examining the reviewer report if needed.

The authorization of communication between writers and the reviewers belongs to the editor and the Editorial Board.

The studies that complete the evaluation process are published in the first, following issue according to the publication program and the confirmation of the Editorial Board.

Last Update Time: 2/22/21, 10:25:53 AM

Ethical Committee Approval

With the decision of ULAKBİM on February 25th, 2020, there is a condition that "All the disciplines of science (including social sciences), there should be an Ethical Committee Approval for research involving human and animal (clinical and experimental) separately and this approval must be mentioned in the article and it should be documented". The research conducted by quantitative or qualitative approaches which require data collection such as questionnaire, interview, observation, focus group study, the experiment is regarded under the aforementioned content.