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The Journal of Historiography Copyright and Author Consent

Name of the Article :
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a) The article sent to journal was original work of the author(s)
b) Each of the authors participated in the study individually and they took all the responsibility to carry out this study;
c) all the authors have seen and accepted the last version of the presented article;
d) the article was not published or was not uploaded to be published in any other journals;
e) the text, figures and documents in the article do not have any Copyright Infringement of other parties;
f) When the review process is ongoing, the article will not be withdrawn arbitrarily
g) conveying all economic rights; including especially processing, copyright, representation, printing, publication, distribution and transmission through the Internet and also all of the communication to the public rights to “Journal of Historiography” authorities’ unlimited use.
Notwithstanding, the author(s)’s and/or the employer(s) of the author(s)’s following rights are reserved:

a) patent rights;

b) the right of author(s) to use the whole article in their future books or other studies without making any payments;

c) the intellectual property rights such as copyright for individual purposes providing that the author(s) do not sell the article. Yet, the author(s) reserve copyright and distribution right through mail or electronic transfer. The use of any part of the article is allowed provided “Journal of Historiography” is indicated as the publishing organization and when the journal is referred to. When referred, the Name and Last Name of the Author(s), Date (year), Name of Article, Name of Journal, Volume Number, and Serial Number should be given.

As the corresponding author, I/We undertake that the “Journal of Historiography” do not have any responsibility for the demands for right or lawsuits brought by third parties due to copyright infringements; I/We also undertake that all the responsibility and liability is mine/ours as the corresponding author. In addition, I/We undertake that there are not any crime factor and unlawful statements, that no unlawful material or method was used while research was carried out, and that I/we obtained all the legal permissions related to the study and I followed all codes of conduct.

The Copyright Form should be signed by all the authors (and scanned as pdf) and submitted to related place in the system of journal.
Author(s) Signiture Date

* to sign this contract, it should be copied to a word document.
** the consent of the articles which are found not suitable for the publication will be invalid.

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Ethical Committee Approval

With the decision of ULAKBİM on February 25th, 2020, there is a condition that "All the disciplines of science (including social sciences), there should be an Ethical Committee Approval for research involving human and animal (clinical and experimental) separately and this approval must be mentioned in the article and it should be documented". The research conducted by quantitative or qualitative approaches which require data collection such as questionnaire, interview, observation, focus group study, the experiment is regarded under the aforementioned content.