Evaluation Process

All articles, case reports and reviews has been published in the Ataturk University Trends in Business and Economics by passing through the following evaluation process.

1. All articles are required to be prepared in accordance with the spelling rules of the journal and submitted in accordance with the “Article Inspection Form”.
2. All articles which are submitted to the journal are subjected to ex-ante control by the editorial board (in terms of suitability to the spelling rules, scientificity and plagiarism). At this stage, the articles can be rejected by the editorial board, revision can be demanded or subjection of the peer evaluation can be decided.
3. The articles which were decided to the subjection of the peer review are submitted to the evaluation of at least 2 peers about the subject of the article. At this stage, since two-way and blind review process is operated neither the authors nor the peers can know each other.
Peers evaluate the articles in terms of journal’s spelling rules, scientific quality, contribution to the national/universal science and practice.
6. The article can be sent to the editor after the peer review with the rejection of the article, recommendation with the revision or approval.
7. Editor, has made a decision to inform the author, in accordance with the recommendation of the peer.
8. Article is sent back to the author with the peer reports.
9. Editor, has controlled the article after being taken the revised final state of the article and put it in the print queue.