Price Policy

Author(s) are required to pay 250TL /20USD into Ziraat Bankası Erzurum Şubesi (00112): Atatürk Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi (Ziraat Bank Erzurum Branch: Ataturk University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences)(TR 73 000 1000 1123 4897 3345 001/348973345001) to meet the costs of journal (Typesetting, hard copy and postage) and submit the bank receipt to Dergipark system. Preliminary examination and peer review process of the editorial board has started with the payment of the delivery cost. In the statement part of the receipt the title of the article and the information of the author in charge should be mentioned. The pay of articles which were found inappropriate by the editorial board to publish in the preliminary examination and peer review process has not been refunded. Claim for refund based on different comments about the editorial board or reviewer evaluations have been disregarded. The author(s) who are assigned as peer-review in a number of times in the journal on the condition of the 1 year are not in the pay for an article to be sent.

Submission Fee: 250.00 TL