e-ISSN: 2822-2652
Founded: 1977
Period: Quarterly
Publisher: Ataturk University
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Trends in Business and Economics (Formerly: Ataturk University Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences) will evaluate the new submitted articles at https://aujeas.manuscriptmanager.net/ from January 5, 2022. Please send your articles through this address.

Ataturk University Trends in Business and Economics is a peer reviewed and periodical journal which is published every three months in a year (January-April-July-October) since 1977 in the Faculty of the Economics and the Administrative Sciences of Ataturk University. Ataturk University Trends in Business and Economics has aimed at publishing articles in the following fields in Turkish or English: Economics and Business.
Trends in Business and Economics has been interested in the authentic articles which have theoretical grounds and supported by the empirical materials. The articles which were sent to the journal has a compliance check on the publishing policy of the journal by the editorial board, while the one which were not found proper to the publishing policy are sent back to the author(s) the proper ones are included. Beginning of the peer review process does not mean the article will be published.

Authors will be advised to examine the Trends in Business and Economics Aim, Scope, Evaluation Process, Spelling rules, ethical principles and pubslihing policy pages. You can reach the published articles of the journal which is always open to send article on the links of the Current Issue and Archive pages.

2022 - Volume: 36 Issue: 3

Research Article

1. Osmanlı yumuşak gücü ve uluslararası sistemdeki yeri

Research Article

3. İş Yaşamında Yalnızlığın Psikolojik Kırılganlık Üzerindeki Etkisini İncelemeye Yönelik Bir Araştırma

Research Article

6. Ekonomik Küreselleşmenin Ekonomik Büyümeye Etkisi Türkiye Örneği


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