Author Guidelines


1.     Yıldırım Beyazıt Law Review is an internationally refereed journal that is being published semiannually.

2.     The journal publishes articles written in Turkish, German, French, and English.

3.     It is assumed as authors have reviewed articles which are submitted to the journal and approve that they can be published as are. Articles, which were found in unconformity with scientificity criteria and include misspelling above average, are refused by editorial board.

4.     The articles are send at least two referee for review depending on the first decision of the Editorial Board. According to blind peer review sys-tem, author names are concealed from the article before sending. Upon the request of correction report of the referee, the author can only make changes in the framework of the amendment report. If the report of one referee results in a positive and the other one results in a negative as-sessment, the writing will be send to the editor or a third referee for re-view. The writing can be published only if found appropriate by the editor or referees. A "Referee Assessment Form" for articles that have not been qualified for publication, is sent by Dergipark to the author of the article. Unpublished articles will not be sent back to the author.

5.     The articles are processed with the date of sending and published with respect to date of return of referees.

6.     Articles that are sent to the journal can not be less than 3000 or more than 15.000 words. Each article should include a summary of 150-250 words and 5 to 10 key words. The summary and key words should also written in English.

7.     The articles which are submitted to the journal must be unpublished elsewhere.

8.     The whole responsibility of the submissions belongs to the concerned author.

9.     Articles should be sent to Dergipark. Authors should notify about their degree, mission agencies, Orcid no, contact addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

10.  Whether the article is going to be published is determined within one month and announced by e-mail to authors.

11.  If the articles are accepted for publication, as including the full text electronically, all broadcasting rights to publish belong to Yıldırım Beyazıt University. Authors are deemed to have accepted to transfer the copyright to the University.

12.  Apart from articles that are reviewed and qualified for publication by referee is also given place in the journal to book reviews, legislative assessments and informative remarks. The acceptance or refusal of such writings is made by editorial board.

13.  Studies that do not return from referee review in due of time, are evaluated in the next issue unless otherwise stated by its author.

14.  Articles should be written in the “Microsoft Word” Program with font type Times New Roman, font size 12, normal style and aligned to the left and the right.

15.  Titles within the text should be organized as follows:



               1. Only First Letters Capital and Bold

                        a. Only First Letters Capital and Regular

                                   i. Only First Letters Capital and Regular

16.  Bibliography should be arranged alphabetically based on the surname of the referenced authors at the end of the article. Citations should be shown as footnote at the end of each page. Citations and bibliography should be organized in conformity with the Rules of Citation.

17.  Official web page of our publications is




Rules of Citation

1.     The articles that are submitted for Yıldırım Beyazıt Law Review should be written according to the Rules of Citation detailed below.

2.     The articles should be composed by footnote citation.

3.     Unless there is no rules in this attribution system, OSCALA (The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities) system must be followed.

4.     If it is necessary to refer to an original work (like archive documents, etc.), preferred method should be used in a uniform manner throughout the article.

5.     All details of treatise should be indicated in first place where cited to it; in the ongoing parts of article citation should be with abbreviation such  ( Author’s Surname,  page to be  cited ) maintained. If to more than one treatise of same author has been cited, in order to distinguish the treatise in abbreviation, that should be cited thereby indicating of year ( Author`s Surname (year),  page to be cited ) which treatise is published.

6.     Author's surname and first name should be bold in first place where cited to it and bibliography; in the ongoing parts of article the only the Author`s surname should be bold in footnotes.

7.     If there is information on the issue of resource type, "^" sign refers to the requirement to indicate the relevant information.

8.     The "l.a.d." expression refers to the date of last access.



Author’s Surname, Name (Year) Book’s Name, Edition, City, Publisher.


Example in First Citation and Bibliography:

Uşan, M. Fatih (2009) Türk Sosyal Güvenlik Hukukunun Temel Esasları, 2. Edition, Ankara, Seçkin, p.25.


Short Citation Example:

Uşan, p.25.


In case of two author:

Author’s Surname, Name/2. Author’s Surname, Name (Year) Book’s Name, Edition, City, Publisher



Acer, Yücel/Kaya, brahim (2014) Uluslararası Hukuk Temel Ders Kitabı, 5. Edition, Ankara, Seçkin.


In case of four and more author:

All details of treatise should be indicated in first place where cited to it; in the ongoing parts of article after the first three authors’ surnames the other authors should be represented with the shortening of “and others”


Example in First Citation and Bibliography:

Özbek, Veli Özer/Doğan, Koray/Bacaksız, Pınar/Tepe, İlker (2016) Türk Ceza Hukuku Genel Hükümler, 7. Edition, Ankara, Seçkin.


Short Citation Example:

Özbek/Doğan/Bacaksız and others, s.13.




Editor’s Surname, Name (Editor) (Year) Book’s Name, Edition, City, Publisher.



Dülger, İbrahim (Editor) (2010) Hukuka Giriş, 4. Edition, Konya, Sayram.



Author's Surname, Name (Year) "Article title": Editor's Surname, Name (Editor/s), Book title, Edition, City, Publisher.



Uşan, M. Fatih (2014) "İin Zaman Bakımından Düzenlenmesi": Aydın, Ufuk/Kocabaş̧, Fatma (Editors), Bireysel İ Hukuku, 1. Edition, Eskişehir, Anadolu University Publications.



Author's Surname, Name (Year), Book’s Name, Edition, City, Publisher (Translator: Translator’s Surname, Name (Year) Translation Book's Name, Edition, City, Publisher).



Dworkin, Ronald (1977) Taking Rights Seriously, 1. Edition, London, Gerald Duckworth (Translator: Türkba, Ahmet Ulvi (2007) Hakları Ciddiye Almak, 1. Edition, Ankara, Dost).



Author's Surname, Name (Year) Book’s Name, <Internet address> l.a.d. Date.



Demircioğlu, A. Murat (2010) Labor in law Turkey, <http://search. 52813> l.a.d. 10.08.2015.




Author`s Surname, Name "Article’s Name": EditorsSurname,Name(Year)BksSurname,Name(Year)B∞ks Name <Internet address> l.a.d. Date.



Kaya, Emir ‘Injustice as a Judicial Product: A Problematic Tendency in Legal Thinking and Practice’ Erçetin, Şefika Şule; Banerjee, Santo (Eds.) (2013) Chaos, Complexity and Leadership, < 10.1007%2F978-3-319-09710-7_22> l.a.d. 10.08.2015.  



Surname, Name (Year) "ArticlesName,JournalsName,Journals Name, I: (^Issue) V: (^Volume), The first-last page range.


Example in Bibliography:

Uşan, M. Fatih (2008) "Yargıtay Kararları Işığında İşe İade Davalarının Sonuçları", Kamu İ, I:1, V:10, p.1-48.


Example in Firs Citation:

Uşan, M. Fatih (2008) "Yargıtay Kararları Işığında İşe İade Davalarının Sonuçları" Kamu İ, I:1, V:10, p.20


Short Citation Example:

Uşan, p.22.



Surname, Name (Year) "Article's Name", ^Journal`s Name <Internet address> l.a.d. Date.


Example: Uşan, M. Fatih (2003) "Mesleki Eğitim ve İstihdam, Devlet Personel Rejimi ve İ Mevzuatı", e-academy < makaleler/fusan-1.htm> l.a.d. 28.07.2015.



Author's Surname, Name (^Year) "Title of the Annunciation", Editor's Surname, Name (Editor/s), Conference Name, Date, Place.



Uşan, M. Fatih, "Taşeron İşçisi de İşçi: Öyleyse Ona da İ Sağlığı ve Güvenliği": Toprak, Ahmet (Editor), 7. International Occupational Health and Safety Conference, 4-7 May 2014, Labor and Social Security Ministry - Occupational Health and Safety General Directorate, İstanbul.



Author's Surname, Name (Year) "Thesis Head" (Type: Masters-Doctorate), University, Institute.



Kılınç, Ahmet (2013) "Osmanlı Ceza Hukukunda Yaptırım Türü Olarak Teşhir" (Doctorate), Gazi University, Institute of Social Sciences.



^Case Name, Mercier, ^Application No, ^E:, K:, T:, ^Citation.


Example 1:

Burak Günay Başvurusu (2), AYM, Application No: 2013/6218, K.T. 10.6.2015.


Example 2:

Penal Department No. 2 of The Supreme Court. E: 2011/2-395, K: 2012/89, T: 13.03.2012.



Surname, Name, Authority, Title <Internet address> l.a.d. Date.



Uşan, M. Fatih, Kamu-İ Kamu İşletmeleri İverenleri Sendikası, "Yargıtay Kararları Işığında İşe İade Davalarının Sonuçları", <> l.a.d. 07/27/2015.


- If the cited web page hasn’t got page numbers, the first citation should be made as per above and ongoing citations should include reference to first footnote.



Uşan, fn. 24.



Surname, Name, Institution (Year) Title, Report Name, ^Report No, <Internet address> l.a.d. Date.



Oğuz, Fuat & Kent, Bülent, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (2011) "Anayasa’da Ekonomik ve Ticari Hükümlerin Değerlendirilmesi ve Yeni Bir Anayasa İin Öneriler", <> l.a.d. 07/27/2015.