Author Guidelines

1.       Articles submitted for publication in our journal should be prepared according to the journal writing rules. The study which are not in accordance with the writing rules will be returned to the authors and will not be accepted for peer-review. WRITING RULES AND TEMPLATE HERE.

2.       In our journal, the writing language is Turkish and / or English. A good quality of scientific writing is required. The research must be understandable by a general scientific readership and by specialists. The research problem is identified, existing knowledge relevant to the problem is analyzed, the hypothesis is clear. Sentences are simple, short and direct, the style is concise and precise. Unnecessary and well-known info and unnecessary references should be avoided. Previously published data should be cited with reference to the formula and results. No reference of over 15 years should be used except for compulsory or exceptional cases. The number of references should not be more than 6 per 1000 words.

3.       Journal name abbreviations in the reference section should be arranged in accordance with "Web of Science Abbreviations. Abbreviations used in the article should be written in full and provide in the parenthesis in the first mention. In all articles, the SI (International System of Units) units of measure and the decimal point must be used as a decimal fraction (1.25 instead of 1.25). Blank should be used to separate the thousands (100 000 instead of 100000)

4.       For printing, quality copies of pictures (300 dpi in JPG or TIFF format) should be sent as an additional file.

5.       Journal writing rules are also print format. Therefore, the rules of writing should be prepared carefully by the authors. Articles that do not comply with the writing rules will be sent back to the authors.

 Check List