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Başlangıç: 2018
Yayımcı: Nevzat DEMİRCİ
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International Journal of Disabilities Sports and Health Sciences (IJDSHS) is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal, published 6 issues in electronic format.
• The articles in this journal are published OPEN ACCESS (OA) exclusively in English
* International Journal of Disabilities Sports and Health Sciences has been indexed in SCOPUS (Q4) and SPORTDiscus with Full text™EBSCOhost™ and in HW Wilson Education Fulltext.

*IJDSHS will be published in 6 issues (January, March, May, July, September and November) from 2024.
• Ethical Committee Approval in Research: "ETHICAL COMMITTEE APPROVAL” must have been obtained for all disciplines, this approval must be specified and documented in the article.
• "iThenticate" document is mandatory for article submission (Maximum15%).

Editor-in-Chief : Assoc Prof. Nevzat DEMİRCİ

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2. The effect Criteria of Mate-Selection on Emotional Needs of Married Couples

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