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Başlangıç: 2018
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Yayıncı: Nevzat DEMİRCİ
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International Journal of Disabilities Sports and Health Sciences (IJDSHS) is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary scientific journal. It aims to showcase a wide range of scientific publications in the field of sports sciences from all over the world and provide an open view of the results of research and an opportunity to deepen knowledge in the field of sports and health sciences for the disabled. The editor invites you to publish articles on all aspects of theory, research and practice in the fields of sports, special needs individuals and health sciences free of charge in this journal.

Ethical Committee Approval in Research
"ETHICAL COMMITTEE APPROVAL” must have been obtained for all disciplines, this approval must be specified and documented in the article. It is important that the authors who will send articles to our journal pay attention to this issue.

IJDSHS is a double peer-reviewed (blind) OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL publishes professional level research articles and subject reviews exclusively in English

Editor-in-Chief    : Doç. Dr. Nevzat DEMİRCİ

You can receive an ORCID iD number from https://orcid.org/register.

Publication: June and December

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