ISSN: 2147-5792
e-ISSN: 2687-234X
Başlangıç: 2012
Yayın Aralığı: 6 Ayda 1
Yayıncı: Beta Basım Yayım Dağıtım A.Ş.
Kapak Resmi

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management-JEIM is an international peer-refereed and open access academic journal. The purpose of the JEIM is to publish research articles on entrepreneurship and innovation for contributing to international literature. JEIM aims to be a platform for the academicians, professionals and practitioners to share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers and case studies.

  • JEIM is published semiannually (June and December) in both online and print version.
  • JEIM is a multi-disciplinary journal and, in this scope, it is open to the articles coming from all disciplines related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • JEIM evaluates not only the studies of academicians but also the studies of researchers and practitioners.
  • Both English and Turkish papers are welcome.
  • JEIM does not charge APCs or submission charges for publication. 

Manuscripts written in the specified format should be sent to the journal via Manuscript Handling System.