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Başlangıç: 2014
Yayımcı: Türkiye Kimya Derneği
Kapak Resmi
This is an international scholarly journal of chemical sciences. Our journal is an example for pure open access - authors are not charged any fee for submitting and publishing their manuscripts. With our numerous reviewers, we are doing timely and fast publication. Our publishing language is English. We will continue publishing quarterly, in every February, May, August, and November.

2024 - Cilt: 11 Sayı: 1


32. Chitosan, Its Derivatives, Sources, Preparation Methods, and Applications: A Review

Araştırma Makalesi

10. Degradation of glycerol to ethanol using x/Y zeolite (x=H, Ni, Mo, NiMo) catalyst by sonication method

Araştırma Makalesi

18. Adsorptive Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Industrial Effluent Using Synthesized ZnO-CA Composite Base Adsorbent

Araştırma Makalesi

24. Molecular Docking Interaction of Medicines Binding to COVID-19 Proteins

Araştırma Makalesi

30. Photo-Induced Tautomerism of Isocytosine in Aqueous Solution when Irradiated with UVC Light


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